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WPSD Continuity of Education Plan

March 31, 2020


Dear William Penn Parents:


I hope this letter finds you well and your loved ones safe at home.  The William Penn School District continues to work through ever-changing local and state conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic.  The safety of our students is our top priority during this pandemic as well as the continuation of our students’ educational progress.  As such, I am presenting our Continuity of Education Plan to you as we move forward from March into April. 


Since mid-March, we have provided enrichment and maintenance learning activities for our students in order to review skills, provide additional opportunities for learning, and extend understanding of previously taught materials. During the week of March 30, your child’s teacher will be contacting you to ascertain the level of computer and internet connectivity in your home.  Our plan is to conduct as much instruction as possible using internet resources with guidance from your child’s teacher and classroom staff.  This plan will allow your child’s teacher to be available for answering questions that may arise concerning the new instruction and provide parents with a resource for helping your child to learn the new instruction. We will take the information from your responses to the technology questions and provide a Chromebook to each family with students attending schools in our district who does not currently have a learning device, so that your child can continue learning.


The week of April 6 will bring the distribution of Chromebooks to families within our district who have indicated that they need a device in their homes.  More information about this distribution will be announced shortly.


Beginning the week of April 14, we plan to continue instruction with review and new learning for our students.  In the WPSD Flexible Learning Guide, we outline our staff responsibilities and student responsibilities, our schedule for the week as well as information about who to contact with questions about the learning and learning platforms in WPSD.  Since we are all in new territory with providing learning solely on line, please work with us to provide the most beneficial education experience that we can provide during these uncertain times.  We will provide constant updates to you as we learn, adjust, make modifications and move forward.


We certainly hope to be back in our respective schools as soon as possible to continue the learning together.



Jane Ann Harbert

Superintendent of Schools


WPSD Flexible Learning Guide (Click this link to view and download pdf)