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At-Home Educational Resources

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Dear WPSD School Community:


Please know that the at-home educational resources (link above) are now available on our website. As a reminder, these resources are provided as a courtesy during this period of closure and are not required in any way, will not be graded, and are not intended to replicate in-school instruction. Their purpose is to help families keep their children engaged as learners by maintaining and/or extending their learning.


I also ask that all WPSD families continue to follow guidance from the CDC (link above) about how we can all protect ourselves. One of the particular points of emphasis is the extreme importance of social distancing (staying at least six feet apart) during this critical time. Delaware County has been designated for aggressive social distancing.   By all of our families following this guidance to the maximum extent possible, our community stands a much better chance to slow the spread of COVID-19.


As we all continue to navigate COVID-19, to a large extent in the District we are turning our attention to the possibility, if not probability, that schools will be closed for more than these two weeks. Accordingly, we are going to send out a brief survey to parents shortly to determine Chromebook needs so our students may complete online work at home. Chromebook distribution will likely occur on selected days for families who do not currently have enough devices for all of their WPSD children.  We will inform you well in advance of the times, dates and locations, should this need to occur.


We are beginning to work toward readiness to provide formal instruction to students in a virtual format. Any move to virtual learning is dependent upon several factors, the first of which is receiving timely notice that the school shutdown is being extended and also to hear from PDE that they will count virtual learning days as student school days, which is not currently the case. I have actually received several emails about why we are not currently offering formal virtual learning. Please know that during this two-week closure, few Delaware County school districts are offering any kind of formal virtual learning, and there are reasons associated with PA public school law as to why that is the case. We are hopeful that changes with these laws will be made in the coming days that will position us to offer virtual learning should this closure need to be extended.


Please know that there has been no new news out of Harrisburg about extending this closure, so we are truly contingency planning at this point. At the same time, I believe I just saw that Kansas has announced school closures in their state through the end of the school year. We will be prepared for virtual learning if we get to that point after this current closure and, if we do, please know that it will be our own WPSD teachers who will teach these virtual classes. Our WPSD children couldn’t possibly be in better hands!



Jane Ann Harbert


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