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Ms. Jennifer Hoff
Term 2019-2023
Region 7-Lansdowne
Chair of Budget & Finance Committee
Ms. Joana Hopkins
Vice President
Term 2019-2023
Region 3-Darby
Chair of Policy  Committee
Ms. Wadiya Ivery
Term 2019-2023
Region 1-Aldan
Chair of Personnel Committee
Ms. Monique Boykins
Term 2017-2021
Region 2–Colwyn
 Chair of Education Committee
Ms. Louella Richardson 
Term 2017-2021
Region 4-Darby
Mr. William Callahan
Term 2019-2023
Region 5-East Lansdowne
Mr. Jan Tong
Term 2019-2021
Region 6-Lansdowne
Chair of Property Committee
Mr. Robert E. Wright, Sr.
Term 2019-2023
Region 8-Yeadon
Ms. Valerie Cook Henry
Term 2020-2021
Region 9-Yeadon