Converting a Level I Certificate to a Level II Permanent Certificate


What are the requirements to convert my Level I certificate? — You must complete a minimum of 3 years of satisfactory service and at least 6 semi-annual evaluations of satisfactory performance in Pennsylvania in any area for which the certificate was issued; You must also provide PDE evidence of 24 semester hours credit (graduate or undergraduate level) or 24 PDE-approved IU credits beyond your initial bachelor’s degree; and if your Instructional I certificate was issued after June 1, 1987 or your Educational Specialist I certificate was issued in accordance with September 1, 1999 regulations, you must present evidence of having successfully completed a PDE-approved induction program.

What are the educational requirements to convert my Level I certificate? — You must provide PDE evidence of 24-semester hours credit (graduate or undergraduate level) or 24 PDE-approved IU credits beyond your initial bachelor’s degree. Semester credits must be earned at a four-year degree granting college/university.

What credits are not accepted for educational requirements? — Community college credits and continuing education units (CEU’S) are not accepted. Credits in law, medicine, real estate and theology are also not acceptable unless you can demonstrate to PDE that they relate directly to the certificate.

What service will count towards the experience requirement? — Satisfactory service for a minimum of one-half year or more of the employing school entity’s teaching day or week and service performed within a private special education school approved by PDE will be counted as service towards a Level II certificate. Satisfactory service (including long-term substitute service) for a minimum of 45 days in a 180 day school year in a single assignment in areas for which the Level I certificate was issued will be counted as one-half year towards the service requirement.

What service may count towards the service requirement? — Satisfactory service in Pennsylvania charter schools, State Board of Private Academic Schools, PDE registered non-public non-licensed schools, schools accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Pennsylvania Association of Private Academic Schools, United Private Academic School Association or National Association for the Education of Young Children may be credited toward Level II certification.

What service will not count towards the service requirement? — The years when the holder was not in education, unsatisfactory service, day-to-day substitute service, outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania service, Emergency Certificate service, non-professional or paraprofessional service, Intern Certificate service, or service when a person did hold an appropriate certificate will not count towards the service requirement.

Will experience outside my certificated area count towards Level II service? — No. Service outside your area of certification does not meet state requirements for Level II certification.

If I have more than one area of certification will I need 3 years of service in each area? — Not in all cases. All Instructional areas will be converted to Level II status simultaneously. However, Educational Specialist, Administrative, and Supervisory certificates issued under 1987 regulations require 3 years of satisfactory service in each area.

When will my Level I certificate be converted to a Level II certificate? — Level II certificates will be effective the first day of the month in which all required applicant materials are received by PDE. Under no circumstances will the effective date precede the month/year in which the Bureau received the completed application.