Certified Teacher Applicants

Certified Teacher Applicants

The William Penn School District offers Teaching Opportunities for Pennsylvania certificated teachers. Out of state candidates seeking employment in Pennsylvania must obtain the appropriate Pennsylvania certification in order to be employed by the William Penn School District. To assist you in meeting the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s requirements visit Teaching in PA.

We offer a competitive salary and benefit package as well as a new teacher mentoring program, on-site induction classes and professional development courses eligible for Act 48 credit hours.

William Penn School District is no longer accepting paper applications ("The Standard Employment Application for Teaching") for professional employment. William Penn’s application process is now online, and we invite you to apply electronically via https://williampenn.schoolrecruiter.net/index.aspx

Follow the simple instructions to complete your application and create a user name and password. You will need your user name and password whenever you log on to complete, or update your application file.

If your application is under consideration for a vacancy in your area of certification, you will be contacted by William Penn School District. When appearing for an interview, please bring with you the following materials:

1. Letter of interest with resume
2. Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate
3. Transcript of record as undergraduate/graduate student
4. A list of three reference contacts who have first-hand knowledge of your work in education
5. Current Act 34 PA Criminal Record Check
6. Current Act 114 FBI Criminal Clearance (Fingerprinting)
7. Current Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance
8. Other materials that you feel would be helpful in evaluating your candidacy

Another way to introduce yourself to the William Penn School District and gain actual school experience is through various substitute-teaching opportunities. If you are interested, be sure to contact Substitute Teacher Services at 610-566-6466 or (800)357-7827 or visit http://www.thesubservice.com/

Long-term substitute teaching opportunities offered directly through the William Penn School District will be posted as they become available.