Applying for a Level II Administrator Certificate


1. The Applicant completes a PDE Form 338 G which may be downloaded from the PDE website or obtained from Human Resources.

2. Notify Human Resources to send you a completed PDE Form 338 P to verify your satisfactory service and completion of a PDE approved Induction Program. If your 3 years of satisfactory service was completed in multiple districts/schools then each district/school verifying your 3 years of satisfactory service or completion of an approved Induction Program must complete a Form 338 P.

3. Obtain a copy of your Pennsylvania Level I certificate

4. Obtain official transcripts for all post baccalaureate college/university coursework completed in a college/university sealed envelope for your educational requirements. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE.

5. Obtain official copies of PDE approved IU credits. Official letters have raised seals issued by the IU in-service coordinator.

6. Obtain $40.00 Money Order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. No credit cards, personal checks or cash will be accepted.

7. Submit all application materials in one envelope with the $40.00 Money Order on top to:

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation
333 Market Street
Harrisburg , PA 17126-0333

Incomplete applications will not be processed until all required materials are received.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any Pennsylvania public school professional with a lapsed or invalid certificate will be ineligible for employment. The William Penn School District has a legal obligation to remove any person who does not have a valid certificate upon verification. If you have any questions about certification contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation. Contact them by email at . Or visit their website at You may also contact Human Resources at 610-359-4380.