Christopher Westfahl

    Chief Operating Officer



    Association Office • 2104 Garrett Road • Lansdowne, PA  19050

    P: 610-638-1270 ext 3033          D: 610-713-5254

    E: cwestfahl@cyedc.org                  W: www.cyedc.org


    The YMCA is pairing up with Penn Wood High School to have a monthy club that is jam packed with volunteer opportunities available to Penn Wood Students.  Volunteering is a crucial part of the college application process and is essential for the growth of all students.  All students can sign up in the Guidance Office for any and all events listed below that they would like to volunteer for.  IF you have specific questions, you can email Mr. Westfahl directly at the YMCA.


    September  events th for participation to begin:


    September 10th, the Arts on the Avenue in Lansdowne.  We would like to have a good showing of students at the event to kick off the club with a big (and somewhat easy) service event.  Last year the festival served 2600 visitors, and our volunteers helped set up the event in the morning, we stayed on to manage needs throughout the day, and then a team was on hand to help break everything down.  Ideally, I’d like to have 20 volunteers at minimum.


    September 16th, Hoffman Park Day.  The YMCA in partnership with the township will be hosting a big event for children and families at Hoffman Park.  From the look, it will be a huge event with a lot of different activities.  We could use volunteers in youth engagement activities.