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Mr. Dealba

Please contact me at Mr. DeAlba with any questions regarding Mock Trial.


Mr. DeAlba has been teaching English for five years now. He has his Bachelor of Arts from Drexel University and a Masters of Education from West Chester University. He chose teaching as a profession because it is what he wanted to do ever since he was a child.  HE did spend some years working in professions outside of education but he always knew he would come back to education, and he did. Upon reflection, he is glad he took the time to explore in his life as he made some of his closest friends and learned so much about himself and what he wanted from life.  The journey is what makes the person. Now, he is doing what he loves and has a deep appreciation to be doing exactly what he wants to be doing.

An interesting fact about Mr. DeAlba is that he used to think he was a "dog person" but now he knows better.  His favorite thing about teaching is teaching Shakespeare and spending the occasional prep period fantasizing about teaching Lear or Henry V someday.


Mr. DeAlba's advice to graduating seniors is this:  "Motivation is not something you can turn on and off like a light switch so it is more important to teach yourself discipline.  Also, earbud sound quality is terrible and even a cheap pair of over-the-ear headphones will serve you better and last longer!!"