Department Overview

First Student Bus Company
Bus Depot
1 Water St
Colwyn, PA 19023

Bus Depot Dispatch: 610-461-2586
Bus Depot Manager -  Michael Powell 610-461-2586 Ext. 5112

Transportation: 610-284-8005 Ext. 1250 or 5105

The Transportation Office, located in the Administration Building at 100 Green Avenue in Lansdowne, develops, implements, and monitors the safe travel of students to and from school each day. There are multiple bus routes designed to service each borough and school within the district. The William Penn School District’s Bus Depot, located at 1 Water Street in Colwyn, PA, is serviced by First Student, Inc.

Busing shall be provided to all district students as follows:

Transportation is not provided for students under the mile marker limits.

The district is not responsible for transportation to schools located beyond the 10-mile radius of the William Penn School District.

With proper registration paperwork completed, the William Penn School District will provide public transportation tokens or passes to students attending schools within the 10-mile limit which are not serviced by district buses. Required Transportation Request  must be completed by the attending school and include a school calendar. Please forward all information via mail or fax to the Transportation Office for approval prior to the distribution of tokens or passes.


The William Penn School District’s Closing Number is 467. Information about school closings or delayed openings can be found on the following:

Parents are also urged to check more than one source for information, while every effort is made to utilize all of the above sources.

Please Note: When schools are closed (even if offices remain open), all activities in the school district buildings are cancelled. The WPSD school closing number applies to all students who use WPSD transportation. Therefore, all WPSD buses serving both public and non-public schools operate on the same schedule. If there is a delay or closing for District schools, it also applies to the transportation for the non-public school students.

Students are required to carry their bus pass with them at all times. Bus pass checks occur randomly. Transportation can be denied for a student without a pass. Bus passes are issued at the beginning of each school year.

  • Grades K – 6 living 1.5 miles from their assigned school
  • Grades 7 - 12 living 2.0 miles from their assigned school
  • KYW News Radio 1060 AM or
  • Television Channel 6 or
  • Television Channel 29 Television
  • Channel 10 or
  • Comcast Cable Channel 11
  • RCN Cable Channel 51
  • Verizon Fios Cable Channel 32

Request for Transportation Only

Does your child/children attend a Charter, Parochial or Private School and need Transportation? Do you reside in the William Penn School District? Transportation is provided for students who live in one of the (6) William Penn School District (WPSD) Boroughs: Aldan, Colwyn, Darby, East Lansdowne, Lansdowne, and Yeadon, who attend a Charter, Private or Parochial School. 

The following documents are required to be uploaded in order to register:

  1. Birth Certificate or Guardianship Document
  2. State Photo ID or Driver’s License of Parent/Guardian
  3. A copy of the deed, lease, mortgage statement, Borough, Real-estate or School Tax Document to the property.
  4. Two (2) additional forms of residency identification containing the parent’s/guardian’s name, address and the current date. The following forms of residency identification will be accepted: Utility Bills (e.g., PECO, cable company, Aqua; Bank Statement; Pay stub; Vehicle Insurance/Registration; current and valid Assistance or SSI Document.


Register for Transportation

If you have questions about Transportation Only Registration process, contact the Registration Office at or 610-284-8005, ext. 1234


Transportation Department