Student Services

Department Overview

Pupil Services are coordinated programs of specialized services to students and families to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed at school. The role of Pupil Services is to remove the barriers to learning and teaching. The services may be classified as Developmental, Diagnostic, Intervention, Referral, Consultation and Coordination, or involve Record Maintenance, Research/Evaluation, Policy Recommendations or School Environment Assessment.
The Pupil Services programs of the William Penn School District include:



Social Workers

Registration, Attendance, Residency

Data Coordination


Safety & Intervention

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Management Teams

District Liaison

Homebound Instruction

Home Schooling

Field Trips

Student Related Board Policy

  • Scheduling
  • Academic & personal problem
  • A.P. (At Risk students)
  • Educational program and career guidance
  • Records maintenance
  • Immunizations monitoring
  • Physicals & screenings (State Mandated Services)
  • Medication dispensing
  • First Aid
  • Health & Wellness Programs (Grants & Organizations)
  • Case management services with linkage to community agency resources to benefit both student and family
  • Home visits
  • Liaison with CYS, Child Welfare, Juvenile Court
  • Organizes and directs the Crisis Intervention Team
  • Registration of students
  • Assignment to schools
  • Monitoring of attendance / enforcement of truancy procedures and laws
  • Communicating with parents to ensure awareness of attendance
  • Investigation and resolution of residency issues
  • Oversee collection and reporting of child accounting and discipline data
  • Oversee operation of the Student Information System
  • Annual code revision
  • Supervise building procedures and reporting
  • Process Hearings for Expulsions
  • Coordinate Reporting with state and local agencies
  • Building security
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Safe Schools Initiatives
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (PREPaRE) certified
  • Building Teams & District Team
  • Coordinates with local outside agencies as needed for response
  • First Responders for managing natural or man-made emergencies.
  • Based on Incident Command Structure
  • NIMS compliant
  • Building and District Teams
  • Emergency Response Information Portal
  • English Language Learner Program
  • Homeless & Foster Students
  • Five hours of tutoring per week in Major subject areas during course of student’s disability, up to 3 months (renewable)
  • Approve requests
  • Ensure program compliance with state Curriculum and standardized testing requirements
  • Approve annual evaluation of student program results
  • Approve all educational field trips and class trips that comply with district policy governing conditions
  • Draft and Revise all School Board Policies that concern students, as needed
Department Staff 
Danielle Seward
Director of Pupil Services
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1242
Fax: 610-364-1099
Amy Sampil
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1242
Fax: 610-364-1099