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Requests for Financial Proposals
Submission deadline is June 27th at 12pm

Civil Engineering - Phase 1 Cost Estimates - Phase 1 Kerr Field - Phase 1


10-Year Facilities Improvement Plan

Letter from Dr. Becoats Facilities Master Plan Flyer

Facilities Master Plan (Updated January 2022)

Facilities Master Plan (Updated 11/3/21)

Facilities Master Plan (10/6/21)


Facility Rentals

SchoolDude is the William Penn School Districts facility usage software platform for renting facilities.  This program will also be used to reserve space for groups and organizations.

William Penn School District Facility Usage Application  

Below are links and "how-to" manuals for SchoolDude:

WPSD Facilities Usage Fee Schedule

Use of School Facilities Policy

How to Request Access to Submit Online Facilities Requests

Community Use Requester Guide

FSDirect and Community Use Training Videos

Department Staff 
Charles Wattley
Aramark - Maintenance & Operations
Phone: 610-534-5401
Fax: 610-534-5405
Pedro Infante
Custodial Manager
Aramark - Maintenance & Operations
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Facilities and Properties Department

Facilities and Properties