Curriculum/Instructional Technology

Department Overview

The vision of the William Penn School District is to nurture and empower all students to become college and/or career ready. Our curriculum is one avenue through which this mission of nurturing lifelong learners is realized.

We strive to provide a 21st Century, relevant, and standards-aligned curriculum on the belief that all children can learn, that students share responsibility for their own learning, and that students must develop adaptive skills to succeed in the diverse and changing global society awaiting them after graduation. To this end, our curriculum is supported by the Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System (SAS), which includes standards, assessments, a curriculum framework, best-practices for instruction, materials and resources, and planned interventions.

To deliver the curriculum, we insist upon a dynamic approach to teaching and learning that fosters continuous improvement. In order to be responsive to emerging and growing trends in teaching and learning, the curriculum is evaluated through the use of an Instructional Design cycle providing opportunities for administration and teaching staff to review and revise each curricular area and assess its effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Department Staff 
Tim McKay
Director of Curriculum/Instructional Technology
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1268
Fax: 610-394-1073
Madeline Brown
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1268
Fax: 610-394-1073
Debra Williams
Assessment Secretary
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1283
Fax: 610-394-1073
Dr. Heidi Quarracino
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1243
Fax: 610-394-1073
Jennifer Cifuni
Elementary Math Coach
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1275
Fax: 610-394-1073
Stephanie Archer
Curriculum Support
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1268
Fax: 610-394-1073