Department Overview

Mr. Cuff supervises the following activities/departments:

Business Office, Accounts Payable, Accounting, Audits (Local and State), Capital Projects, District’s Investment Program, District’s Operating Budget, Insurance Programs, Payroll, Purchasing, Transportation, Food Service, Maintenance and Operations

Below are links to the William Penn School Districts' yearly budget.
Aramark - Maintenance & Operations
200 Pine Street, Colwyn
Charles Wattley, General Manager
Phone: 610-534-5401
Fax: 610-534-5405
Aramark - Food Services
200 Pine Street, Colwyn
Eric Colebaugh, Director
Phone: 610-534-4400

Transportation Contractor - First Student
Phone: 610-464-2586
For questions send email to

Local Tax Collectors

Aldan - Jerry Barber
Phone: (484-469-4645)

Colwyn - Lisa Mujahid
Phone: (484-431-9905)

Darby - Jillian Theorgood
Phone: (610-586-1290)

East Lansdowne - Vacant

Lansdowne - William T. Smith
Phone: (610-955-9754)

Yeadon - Julianne James
Phone: (610-622-6379)

Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Program

On April 13, 2009, the Governor implemented the Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions (Act 1), which allows school districts the ability to reduce their taxes based on revenue received from the state. 
Department Staff 
Mr Jeff Cuff
A. Jeff Cuff
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1222
Fax: 610-284-8054
Tamara Darden
Assistant Business Administrator/Treasurer
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1227
Fax: 610-284-8054
Janet Shaiko
Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1222
Fax: 610-284-8054
Shardae Davis
Purchasing Assistant
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1224
Fax: 610-284-8054
Carmalita Womack
Accounts Payable Assistant
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1226
Fax: 610-284-8054
Denise Cancellarich
Payroll Supervisor
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1225
Fax: 610-284-8054
Savy Or
Payroll Assitant/Attendance
Phone: 610-284-8005 ext. 1261
Fax: 610-284-7003
WPSD Admin Building

Business Administration