INDEPENDENCE BLUE CROSS – Health Care Coverage

    The William Penn School District offers two Independence Blue Cross Insurance plans to every eligible full-time employee.   

    The benefits for each plan are detail in  the following Schedule of Benefits and Coverage.

    SBC-HMO Keystone Direct

    SBC-HMO Keystone 15

    SBC-PPO Personal Choice

    With ibxpress.com, you have 24/7 access to your specific benefits information, as we as claims and details about your health plan. You can also download forms, order a replacement ID card, or email Member Services. Registration for ibxpress.com is free and easy. www.ibx.com/members


    Independence Blue Cross’s Healthy Lifestyles Program is designed to provide information and encourage healthy behavior through incentives and active participation. When you register for ibxpress.com, you can take advantage of a number of online tools and comprehensive resources to help you live healthy and stay healthy.

    Fitness: Receive a reimbursement up to $150 of your fitness center fees.

    Weight Management: We’ll reimburse a portion of class fees for approved weight management programs.

    Stress Management: Receive a free stress-relief guide.

    Tobacco Cessation: Receive money back when you complete an approved program to help you quit smoking.

    Wellness Guidelines: Learn about nationally recommended steps you can take to help keep yourself healthy and feeling your best.

    Blue 365: Save on health-related products and services with exclusive value-added discounts/offers from leading national companies.

    Baby BluePrints: Our maternity program is designed to help you be healthy, confident, and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

    CorCell® — IBC members are eligible for discounts on the storage of cord blood which can be used to help a member’s baby fight a future illness.

    For more information about these and other Healthy Lifestyles Programs, call 1-800 ASK-BLUE or click the link below


    CVS Caremark – Prescription Coverage

    CVS Caremark will be the new Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Districts that participate in the Delaware County Public Schools Health Care Trust effective July 1, 2016. CVS Caremark is the leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager that has been providing pharmacy services since 1969. The national pharmacy leader has more than 2,000 clients with members across all the United States.

    Price a specific drug and compare savings by using generic equivalent or switching from retail to mail order. www.caremark.com

    UNITED CONCORDIA (Flex) – Dental Coverage

    Find a network dentist under the “Concordia Flex” plan, Check your benefits and claims. www.UCCI.com

    EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - HMS (Human Management Services)

    Your EAP can help with many of life’s obstacles that we face from time to time. Everyone experiences challenges in their lives at some time.  

    HMS can assist you in getting help that you need in the event that problems are getting the best of you.  (Emotional Well-Being, Work, Health & Wellness) members.healthadvocate.com