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Mr. Nawalinski

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Mr. Nawalinski Biology and Environmental Science for 20 years. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Secondary Education from Old Dominion University.  His favorite thing about teaching is e that moment when a student goes from “clueless” to “getting it.”

Mr. Nawalinski has an interesting story about why he chose teaching as a profession.He was on track to apply to veterinary school at UF and at some point he decided that coming home smelling like cow, horse, chicken, and pig manure was not how he wanted to spend his undergraduate years. At that time, his circle of friends was comprised of an engineering student, a pre-law student, a criminal justice student, and a student pursuing a fine arts degree in poetry. They would often find themselves discussing together the various elements of their respective courses of study. What he came to understand is that he enjoyed passing on the knowledge he had gained and connecting the sometimes disparate concepts from different disciplines. In short,he enjoyed teaching.

An interesting fact about Mr. Nawalinski is that he has been pooped on by three species of domesticated livestock.

Mr. Nawalinski's advice for graduating seniors is this:  "Require EVIDENCE for anything anyone wants you to do or believe."