Mr. Kea



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kea

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 Mr. Kea is a 17 year Math teacher. He received his B.S. from Lincoln University.He chose teaching because as an Engineering major in college, he started tutoring some friends in math. They developed a better understanding, and he really enjoyed helping them. He liked it so much that he changed his major to Math Education, and here he is.

 An interesting fact about Mr. Kea is that he hates roller coasters, but  loves fishing.His favorite thing about teaching is when There is that brief moment that happens in each class every day in which students realize that they understand a topic. It is that split second when students “get it” that makes him love coming to work.

 Mr. Kea's advice to graduating seniors is this: "When you think you can’t go any further, you’re wrong. Keep going because there is more in you than you know. Tough times build your character like nothing else."