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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Martino

Please contact me at Mr. Martino with any questions regarding the Anime Club.


Mr. Martino is a ten year Science teacher who received his  Bachelors of Science degree in Bioichemistry and Molecular Biology from Penn State University.   He chose teaching because he was a chemist who was bored with his profession so he decided to get his teaching certification becasue everyday is a new adventure. You never know what could happen in a room full of teenagers and that is far more exciting than sitting in a lab on a workbench. His favorite thing about this profession is that the same classroom of students is different each day based on how the students are feeling.  Observing this dynamic and watching it play out within a school year is incredibly interesting. 

A fun and interesting fact about Mr. Martino is that he really likes tea. Like really really likes it.  Ironically, not Japanese tea nearly as much as Chinese tea.  He likes is SO much that he would one day like to build a tea house in his yard within the next decade.

Mr. Martino's piece of advice for graduating seniors is: "The online environment you live in is just a simulation of others and yourself.  The pictures you see posted are just copies of people which they then edit with filters causing them to become mere simulations, something that is based on something that doesn't actually exist.  Leave it behind and enjoy reality."