• Newspaper Jobs


    Anyone can be a writer; we always need more writers.  You do not have to write an article for every issue, but you need to contribute at least 4-5 articles a year.  We have articles that we need covered every issue, but you can also suggest ideas for articles. Please get your article approved before writing it.


    We only need two–three photographers in each building.  We do not have a camera to lend you, but you may use your own camera or your phone.  If you attend any school event take pictures and send them to us in a timely manner so that they can be added to the paper. We will have pictures that will need to be taken, but you can also submit any pictures of a school event.


    We are looking for at least one student editor per building. This position is something you can put on your college application. You would need to help assemble the paper, assist in layout, come up with article ideas, and then edit for grammar.

    Production Staff

    We need students who are willing to help us fold and count out the newspapers for homeroom distribution. This will be done before or after school, or during homeroom.